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More Stories of Hope and Help...
A patient with multiple medical conditions on a very limited income was taking 16 different prescriptions and owed over $1000 at the pharmacy. He and his wife were making regular payments on the bill, and the Alacare social worker was able to help the patient enroll in a medication assistance program. The HHHFA paid for enough medication to get the patient through until the assistance program took effect.
In this video, Larry Simmons tells how Alacare Home Health & Hospice, along with the HHHFA helped provide him with a new wheelchair he calls
"The Blue Streak".
Another Story of Hope and Help...
The dishwasher in the home of a hospice patient and his wife developed a leak, causing the kitchen floor to rot under the linoleum before they became aware of the problem. The couple was on a fixed income and insurance declined to cover the damage. The problem became so bad that the floor presented a safety risk. A local church group volunteered to provide the labor to replace the floor, and with a $150 grant from the HHHFA to cover the cost of materials, the couple was able to stay in a home that was no longer a risk to their safety.
More Hope and Help...
With a limited income, Mr. B. was ordinarily able to meet all of his monthly expenses. Unfortunately, he had a son in prison who called home reversing the long-distance charges. He ended up with a phone bill of $850, which he could not pay, so his service was cut off. Very sick, in a lot of pain and living in a rural area without close neighbors, he desperately needed a phone to be able to contact his nurse. The phone company agreed to reconnect the patient’s phone if the fee of $68 was paid. The HHHFA was able to quickly resolve the problem and phone service was restored.
A Story of Hope and Help...
The 54-year-old hospice patient was a Vietnam veteran with no money left over for the month after he paid his rent, utilities and grocery bills. He lived alone and was striving to maintain his independence. With a $68 grant to purchase a programmable emergency dialer, the HHHFA allowed this proud man to remain independent a while longer.
In the video below, Lyn Mizeraney explains how the HHHFA is helping her remain in her home, and how your contribution to the fund is helping people in need.

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