Criteria for Assistance

In order for assistance to be given by Hospice & Home Health Fund of Alabama, the following conditions must be met:
  • The recipient must be a home health or hospice patient or immediate family caregiver residing within the home of the patient.


  • The recipient will be considered if the primary needs are being addressed by family members, entitlement programs, or another charitable or civic organization.


  • The recipient's needs may be medically related needs or home safety or equipment needs that cannot be met by the primary source of assistance without support from the Hospice & Health Fund of Alabama (HHHFA).


  • Grants-in-aid will generally be limited to two requests per family per calendar year, and monetary amounts will be determined based on the type of need and circumstances.


  • The grant-in-aid must contribute to successful use of home health care, enabling the individual to remain at home for medical treatment.